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Answer with Confidence

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Are you fumbling for the right words in interviews when someone asks you ,”Tell Me About Yourself”? or “Why are you the best candidate for this role?” Being comfortable and confident in describing yourself often causes stress for candidates. If you can relate to this, “Answer with Confidence” will unlock the way to consistently and persuasively communicate who you are and how you deliver value.

Clifton StrengthsFinder™

This well-regarded assessment will immediately help you see your unique strengths. Importantly, it will also give you the words to say to convey your attributes in a clear and compelling way.

With your Top 5 strengths identified, your stories (“tell me about a time when…”) become much richer and believable

If you struggle with feeling like you’re bragging, having a third-party assessment as your validation will pave the way to say words like Strategic, Collaborator, and Implementer without sounding obnoxious or salesy.


Emotional intelligence is today’s super power. DiSC gives you insight into the interviewer’s preferred communication style so you can communicate to them in the way THEY will best resonate with your answers.

WIth insight into your own communication style, you can strengthen your answers to questions while avoiding mistakes that kill getting an offer.

1:1 Debrief with a Career Club Coach

Leverage our expertise to weave these assessments into interview gold. Clients receive a one hour 1:1 coaching call to help craft a compelling narrative that is uniquely YOU.

With Career Club’s Answer with Confidence package, you can walk into any networking meeting, interview or other high stakes conversation knowing how to best communicate your value. You don’t get that many opportunities so make the most of them!

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